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Toronto, ON, Canada


Pet Party

Our Furry & Naked Party Pets


Most of the animals here are fully interactive and fun to play with!

  1. Domestic short haired Cat
  2. Hairless Sphynx bambino Cat
  3. Lionhead Rabbit
  4. Holland Lop ear Rabbit
  5. Giant New Zealand white Rabbit
  6. Chinchilla
  7. Ferret
  8. Guinea pig
  9. Skinny pig (hairless guinea pig)
  10. Hedgehog
  11. Sugar glider
  12. Teddy bear Hamster
  13. Black bear Hamster
  14. Robo Dwarf Hamster
  15. Fancy Rat
  16. Dumbo Rat
  17. Gerbil
  18. Degu